Yesterday’s headline was a great story by Marty Stempniak about Village Manager Tom Barwin’s efforts to buy his Barrie Park home from his Village landlord. Mr. Barwin and his family have been renting from the Village, but now the Village wants to sell the property. Some very informal preliminary discussions involving Mr. Barwin’s purchase of the home have petered out.            

We need to find Mr. Barwin a home. I remember when Jane Byrne lived in Cabrini Green for a while so that she would know and appreciate how the citizens of Chicago lived. In that spirit I would like to offer Mr. Barwin our home for a week in February when we will be in Florida, and a week in August when we go to Michigan. If others will step forward and make similiar offers,  Mr. Barwin won’t be homeless and he will get to better know the Village. Now that’s what I call win-win.                        

There’s just one caveat. I need to run this by my wife Marsha.

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