Dominican University’s economic program for kids, the Center for Economic Education, is getting a new name and broadening its reach, the university will announce Thursday night.

U.S. Bank, the successor to socially active Park National Bank, is getting its name added to the center after making a “significant gift,” according to Dominican.

“What’s so delightful about this is, in part, it’s a commitment that Park National made to the university,” said Dominican President Donna Carroll. “The initial conversation came as a result of the fact that U.S. Bank — with real integrity — made a decision to fulfill a pledge.”

While the center’s previous focus was mostly on training Chicago-area school teachers in innovative ways to make economics understandable and interesting, Dominican is planning to move beyond that.

With U.S. Bank’s help, they’re aiming to help adults as well. Carroll said the bank already has a financial literacy program across the nation, which Dominican will leverage locally.

“We’re going to blend the bank’s curriculum and our curriculum and spread it out into the community and the western suburbs,” Carroll said. “It allows us to really partner with U.S. Bank in an area that is one of their strengths.”

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