Based on more than 1,000 responses to District 97’s survey concerning its April 2011 referendum, support for a tax increase has remained steady while opposition has decreased, though only slightly.

As of Tuesday morning, 41.3 percent of respondents said they were supportive of a referendum to increase funding for the elementary school district if the election were held “today.” That’s pretty much where support has been for the last month. Those answering no, however, have dropped slightly to 30.9 percent, down from 32 percent; those unsure have remained virtually the same at 27.8 percent. The survey went live Oct. 15 and was scheduled to conclude Nov. 12, but the district extended the deadline to this Friday, Dec. 3.

When last reported by Wednesday Journal on Nov. 3, about 500 people had responded. Approximately 1,090 people have now taken the survey, which is available online at the district’s website: Among respondents who could support a referendum, about 48.6 percent believe the district is “adequately funded but needs additional revenue,” down slightly from about 50 percent.

A majority of respondents, about 72 percent, have students in Dist. 97 schools.

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