A longtime Oak Park business was seized by the state recently for failing to pay its sales taxes.

Alltypes Fireplace, Patio and Grill was shut down some time in the past few months. The property, at 844 Madison, is in foreclosure, and the Cook County sheriff entered an order of possession on Oct. 5, according to signs posted in the windows.

The state seized Alltypes for unpaid sales taxes, after the business had “numerous” opportunities to pay them off, said Sue Hofer, spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Revenue. A sheriff’s sale of the assets, such as the building and leftover products, is currently pending.

Hofer could not say how much Alltypes owed in back taxes, but she emphasized that seizing the business is a last-ditch effort.

“We take actions like this as a very, very last resort,” Hofer said. “Our job is to keep businesses in business so they continue to collect and pay sales taxes.”

A call and an e-mail to the store were not returned.

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