I remember many Sunday nights (as well as the other six days of the week) when my kids would seek me out for homework assistance and well, many times, I could barely decipher the homework questions.  As they worked their way through middle school and high school – I really wasn’t the tutor to turn to – particularly in math and science.  But, that’s not a problem now for you up and coming parents! There’s another source to access instead of mom or dad:  connect your kids to www.opplteen.org from the comfort of your own home.  

When Spanish looks like Latin (or visa versa) or you break out into a cold sweat trying to decode AP Calculus – direct your kids to www.opplteen.org with their homework questions, library card, PIN (usually the last four digits of your phone number) and then click on Homework Help.  After they login, your children can chat directly with tutors, who are experts in the field they need help in.  In addition, there are study guides, tutorials, and free practice tests for PSAT, SAT, ACT, GED and more.  

Launched on October 8, 2010 – by the Oak Park Public Library – www.opplteen.org is a comprehensive, eye-catching teen website that provides a variety of goodies beyond homework help.  Kids can discover volunteer opportunities, peruse recommendations and reviews on books, movies, and music and access an updated calendar on all Teen Events!   They can also interact on the site by submitting their own reviews, getting involved in monthly gaming opportunities or joining in conversations online.     

Of course, don’t take it from me how this site will transform your Sunday nights!  Take it from your “Virtual Branch Team” member, Maggie Wiggins, “Homework Help is a huge online resource offered on our teen website.  It really has saved so many kids on Sunday night when they don’t remember a math formula or need other homework assistance!”

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