With less than a month until nominating petitions are due for the spring 2011 election, no one has stepped forward definitively to run for the three open seats on the River Forest village board.

Trustees Steve Hoke, Steve Dudek and Susan Conti each have terms expiring this spring, and it’s not clear who will make moves to put their name on the ballot.

Conti said she’s on the fence, but will probably start making moves soon just in case she decides to run.

“It’s a difficult decision. I haven’t completely decided,” she said. “I’ll probably be throwing out some petitions, and I’ll see if I pull the trigger when the time comes.”

Hoke said he wasn’t sure yet either. The due date for petitions — Dec. 20 — snuck up on him, he said.

“Boy, time flies,” he said. “I guess I’ll have to make a decision sooner than I thought.”

Trustee Steve Dudek is the only trustee to publicly make a definitive statement on the subject — actually, he’s made two.

Dudek told Wednesday Journal in June that he wasn’t going to run, then reversed course at the next board meeting.

“Who wants to be a minority person? The problem is, realistically, nobody wants to do that,” Dudek said initially. “Standing up for your principles is a thankless job.”

But just days later, he said he had “no intention of not running to be one of the independent voices of the board … like I’d believe anything I read in the Wednesday Journal, anyways.”

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