An Oak Park man was arrested by federal agents this week for dealing hundreds of grams of crack cocaine, including out of his apartment on South Oak Park Avenue.

Kevin L. White, 48, was one of 31 people arrested as the result of a two-year sting centering on the Traveling Vice Lords’ crack- and heroin-dealing activity in and around the West Side of Chicago.

White was nabbed on nine counts of selling crack between February 2009 and May 2010, four of which happened in Oak Park.

According to the charges, White sold a total of 244.6 grams of cocaine in four sales in Oak Park.

The FBI said they used an informant to buy the drugs from White in all nine counts.

The informant, according to the charging documents, was in fact a ranking member of the Traveling Vice Lords who cooperated with the FBI in exchange for money — more than $25,000 to date.

The FBI backed up their informant’s information with surveillance and other evidence, including a wiretap of White’s phone.

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