“Lourdes you have snack duty today!”  Yikes-how did that happen?  I forgot the dreaded snacks for my son’s soccer game and had to run to the store while the team was playing.  I thought it was an easy task when suddenly I was struck at the store with terror… “Is this a ‘healthy snack team’? Ugh. I couldn’t remember and the task is not as easy as it sounds. Is this the “green friendly” soccer team?  I couldn’t remember!

I perused the aisles of Dominick’s only to run into another mom I knew who was shaking her head while looking at the individual chip bag selections. “Don’t tell me-you have snack duty too!”  I laughed as I said it since I had the same look on my face!  I was beginning to panic. 

As I raced around the store in search of the perfect snack I ran into another mom I knew who was also in a snack duty tizzy.  I eyeballed her cart… hmmmm, clementines and water bottles. Ouch! I was starting to feel bad since my original idea had been Dominick’s bakery donuts (BTW-have you tried them? Not bad, if I do say so myself!)  

What was I to do?  

FLASHBACK: I remember when my daughter was in pre-school, I brought a healthy snack (as required by the school) and while I was following the rules, other parents did not.  Another child threatened my daughter with, “Don’t have your mom bring those raisins again!”  

I opted for the donuts and clementines plus water. I should have worn the half-angel and half-devil outfit when I passed out the snacks after the game. The donuts didn’t stand a chance once I got to the field.  The clementines were happy to be there too, but weren’t really touched! 

I’m all for healthy snacks, but maybe I wanted to be the ‘cool donut mom.’  I guess I wasn’t prepared for the responsibility. What do you bring?  I need ideas for t-ball season!

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