The snack shop just inside the doorway of the Oak Park Public Library is closing by the end of January, just two years after it opened.

The library recently informed All Aboard Snack Shop that it needed to be out of the small café space in the next 90 days. According to library Director Dee Brennan, the shop has been struggling to make money since it opened, and the library has been contemplating a reinvention of its lobby for quite some time.

It’s still unclear what will take All Aboard’s place, as the library board will discuss that in the near future, said Brennan. Possibilities include turning the space into a permanent used bookstore or putting in a fax machine and vending machine that sells office supplies.

It’s unlikely that the replacement will be food-focused, as library cafes are historically unsuccessful, across the state and country, said Brennan. All Aboard hadn’t done anything wrong, she said, but the library felt it was right to make a change.

“We’re not sure that a restaurant, for lack of a better word, is what we want to have in that space going forward,” Brennan said.

Mike Saucedo,62, the River Forest resident who runs All Aboard with his family, was surprised by the announcement. Yes, the snack shop has struggled to make ends meet, but it’s built a following, and he fully expected to stay for the full five years of the lease.

The shop has been hampered with problems, he said, from air conditioning on the fritz, to the library banning kids who patronized the shop from the building. He’s uncertain if the eatery will go somewhere else.

“The economy’s pretty bad, and I don’t want to venture into something that I can’t handle,” he said.

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