There was big news in the Oak Park business community last week. Oak Park and Lake will get a ritzy eyewear boutique, Spex, while Madison is getting a dollar store at the old Walgreens location [One-of-a-kind Walgreens debuts in Oak Park, News, Nov. 3]. Gee, we who live near Madison are thankful for the village’s generosity, but please stop. In fact, we would appreciate the Oak Park Housing Authority proposal for a singles-only housing at the Comcast Building being delayed. We, of Madison, need more time to absorb the vision of how proud and prosperous we will be when our small business district is anchored by an SRO (single-room occupancy) and a dollar store. Praise to our village.

At a meeting of the Madison Street Coalition last Wednesday, Ed Solan, executive director of the Oak Park Housing Authority, said when telling the coalition about the conversion of the Comcast Building into SRO housing, “I believe the building will add value to the neighborhood.” Yippee, and we get a dollar store too!

We Madison folks invite you all to come south to our business district between Oak Park Avenue and Kenilworth. We have plenty of parking and no strolling pedestrians to get in your way. The historical and architecturally significant Oldsmobile dealership is only a block away. We do look a little seedy right now. We wish the Madison beautification program that was just announced by the village was done. Unfortunately, work on that won’t start until we get closer to the elections.

Please, please don’t thank us for the invitation. You will make it up when we all come north to trick or treat next Halloween. We understand you all have better goodies up there.

John Murtagh
Oak Park

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