The following are three announcements that might of interest.
The Food Pantry is currently looking for adult and youth volunteers (12 years old and older) to volunteer on Wednesday afternoons or Saturday mornings to assist with a variety of tasks (e.g. assisting clients with their groceries, restocking, and distributing food). This is an ideal service project for youth groups, community groups, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for a one-time basis opportunity or as a recurring project.  Please contact Kristi Braun at to sign up.   
Looking for a new way to get involved in your community, interact with people in a more meaningful way, and find service opportunities? Come to a HUNGER BANQUET on NOVEMBER 17 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Dominican University. The Hunger Banquet is an experience that simulates the distribution of food throughout the world. Participants will be placed in different economic groups and will receive a certain meal depending on their (assigned) economic level. Some will receive a complete meal; others will receive only a bowl of rice. The purpose is to visually demonstrate how unequally food and resources are distributed throughout the world. 

As part of the banquet, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the reasons why such food disparities exist and consider ways to eradicate global hunger. Participants will also reflect on what inspires them to work to end such social injustices, and facilitators will aid in examining the role that interfaith dialogue and cooperation can play in addressing social concerns such as global hunger.

The Hunger Banquet is a student-led project, created as a response to the One Chicago, One Nation program (a local civic engagement initiative) and in connection with Dominican University ’s partnership with the Interfaith Youth Core. As such, the Hunger Banquet extends a special welcome to members of any and all faith and moral traditions. ALL AGES WELCOME! This is a wonderful event for families! Service opportunities will be provided. A small donation for the evening will be suggested but not required.For more information, contact OCON ambassador, Susan Lucci. (708-955-7366 )www.2big4words.orgEMERGENCY CLOTHES CLOSET
Calvary Memorial Church provides The Emergency Clothes Closet, a community service for those in crisis in Oak Park and River Forest. More information about The Emergency Clothes Closet may be found at

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