Doubles at its best! Jerry, lee, Kimberly & Mark.

The last week of beach volleyball on the Rehm courts approaches with sadness as the leaves turn, the air chills and the sun sets quickly.  The sand courts have been summer therapy for myself and friends as early as March through October (who would have thought!).

Long ago we (my team/I) were convinced that “if they build it they will come” and sure enough they came!  Many nights we needed to stalk the courts in order to get our time in.  All levels of players wanted to test the sand.  It has been fun seeing the range of people coming to use the courts….high school athletes, families, serious doubles players (me!), and of course the toddlers who have “ooohed” and “ahhhed” over the giant sand box.

As Lindberg Park’s future is decided I hope that they will consider beach volleyball courts at that location.  Gary Balling and the Park District worked with our team and listened to our concerns years ago….I trust that residents will be happy with the outcome.  The next Lindberg meeting is November 3rd!


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