John Harris has always been a big fan of comic books. He moved to Oak Park 15 years ago, but spent his childhood and early teenage years reading comic book after comic book.

“I was so into comic books, that I started a ‘fanzine’ for enthusiasts, like myself,” Harris says. “It was basically a pen pals type magazine where fans would submit articles, reviews and even talk about upcoming conventions.” Harris would then put all of the pieces together along with illustrations and mail out the fanzine, aptly titled “Comic Book Collector,” to subscribers.

Little did Harris, nowadays the principal of a5 branding communications located in downtown Chicago, know that one day he would co-produce a horror-themed card game with one of his Comic Book Collector’s subscribers.

“Five years ago, I was visiting family in Durango, CO and ran into Jon McClure, a comic book collector and dealer who happened to be an old subscriber of my fanzine,” says Harris. “I knew Jon from about 30 years back and we were both big fans of graphic novels.”

Through their reunion, McClure mentioned a card game he created and played with his friends 20 years ago. Harris was interested in the idea and soon after, with his branding and marketing company, a5 inc., began producing the game.

FaceEater, the gruesome yet appropriate name given to McClure’s card game, is described as “gin rummy meets ‘Dawn of the Dead’.” The fast-paced card game encourages players to cause as much suffering and doom to their opponents in a single round as possible.

Before even starting a game of FaceEater, players will most likely spend a good chunk of time admiring the cards, illustrated with comic-book-fashion zombies and ghouls. Harris and a5 inc. went to great lengths to ensure that production and packaging was environmentally sound. The cards are manufactured in Milwaukee and no glue is used in the packaging.

You can pickup a game of FaceEater, just in time for Halloween, at One Stop Comics, 111 S. Ridgeland Ave., or at Horrorbles, 6729 W Roosevelt Rd. For more details, visit

Where to buy FaceEater:

• One Stop Comics

  111 S. Ridgeland Ave. 

  (708) 524-2287


• Horrorbles

  6729 W Roosevelt Rd.

  (708) 484-7370

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