O.K. I went to see the author of the insanely long book, The Instructions, at the Oak Park Library last night. Then I bought the book.  Jason from the Book Table assured me that it was readable and interesting but as I gaze at the enormous tome I now own, I think he was just trying to sell books.

My goal is to write a review of this book. I’ll let you know how I progress through it. I am already having problems with the first chapter.  I’ve stumbled over “twetched”, “gooze”, “bance” and “flaved”.  I generally don’t like books that do that to the English language but I’m trying to keep an open mind. Stay tuned.

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Helen Kossler

Helen Kossler loves reading aloud to her grandchildren and is not ashamed to admit that she almost always likes the book better than the movie. She has been buying, borrowing, begging and stealing (well—not...