The recent winds have been menacing enough, and now the aftermath has left the yard canvassed in leaves. The front, the back, the gangway, the porch, the deck are all littered with fronds.

Everyone has a way of discarding their leaves — whether it be the traditional route of rake or the conventional method of lawnmower. Or are you one of those obnoxious people with the industrial strength leafblower revved up early on a Saturday morning.

We want to know what you use and how you get those pesky leaves from the backyard to the curb. Is it by tarp? Garbage can? Kid’s pool? Pack mule?

We’re working on a story about the myriad ways to move leaves. Send me an e-mail at and do it quick. We’re already planning a story on how you shovel your snow.


Brad Spencer
Sports and Real Estate Editor

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Brad Spencer

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