River Forest currently has one of the lowest sales tax rates in Cook County, 8.5 percent. The powers that be want to raise your sales tax to 9.5 percent. This is an unwanted and unnecessary tax increase.

Vote no on the RF Sales Tax Increase. Why can’t the Village of River Forest live within its means?

Why do the local politicians refuse to cut waste and mismanagement?

Why do the public pension funds continue to cry for more funding (money) when they all took a hit in the stock market crash of 2009?

Why should the public be required to bail out these mismanaged pension funds with more tax dollars? Shouldn’t the fund managers be held accountable for the pension fund losses? Not the taxpayers?

Why should River Forest discourage patrons who do shop in River Forest by raising the sales tax by 1 percent?

When will common sense return to local government? Don’t you think that the residents of River Forest are being taxed enough? Have you looked at your real estate tax bill lately? If you haven’t, one will be coming to you next month. Why should we pay more for goods and services purchased in River Forest?

The answer to these questions ladies and gentlemen is no. Vote no on higher taxes for River Forest.

Patrick J. O’Brien
River Forest
O’Brien is a former River Forest village trustee.

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