Marc Stopeck's Shrubtown featuring "Shop Here In Town"

I was lucky to work for the Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce in the 1990’s (thank you Karen DeMuro for hiring me, and thank you Dan Haley for stealing me away from there!).  I helped to promote the SHOP (Sweet Home Oak Park) campaign which promoted shopping locally.  The initiative was started by the Chamber, Wednesday Journal, Oak Park Development Corporation, Downtown Oak Park and the Village of Oak Park.

I’d like to think that the SHOP campaign was a success in many ways.  Shopping locally, knowing your merchants, connecting with the community and business districts in ways that only Oak Parkers can know and love.  Until that time many consumers were unaware of the need to keep tax dollars in our village.  I will always smile when I think of Marc Stopeck’s SHRUBTOWN cartoon that was published around that time which reminded Oak Parkers of the SHOP campaign – except his example was “Shop Here In Town!” LOL!

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