EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of Whittier School’s class of 1969 reunion on Saturday, Oct. 16, alumni submitted memories and photos to Wednesday Journal. If you are a member of Whittier School’s class of 1969 and would like to submit your memories and photos, please email them to evan@oakpark.com.

These photos were taken by Steve Immerman during Whittier School’s class of 1969 reunion on Saturday, Oct. 16.

  • The first photo is the Trolley that about half of us went on during Saturday afternoon. It culminated at Whittier for a tour. We went up and down the streets seeing our old houses and reminiscing.
  • Next, about half the attendees were photographed in front of Whittier after the tour on Saturday. This photo also includes parents and siblings who also graduated from Whittier, along with Mr. Sheehan our principal (in front in sweater) and next to him Larry Butcher, long time beloved Music teacher in blazer.
  • The next photo is an emotional moment of a classmate who reunites with the neighbor who took care of him every day after school over 40 years ago. Her son, also in our class, looks on as his mother sees Ed for the first time since the 1970’s.
  • Neighborhood friends and classmates stood in front of the house they played in as children.
  • The next photo shows some of the 37 people who took the tour of Whittier, standing in the lobby. 
  • Singing “The Road Less Traveled” by Robert Frost at the Reunion: we sang it at our graduation ceremony in June of 1969.
  • Larry Butcher and Marlene Slavin Fogarty (7th and 8th grade English) reminisce about our class and the years they taught at Whittier.

Photos by Steve Immerman

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