EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of Whittier School’s class of 1969 reunion on Saturday, Oct.16, alumni submitted memories and photos to Wednesday Journal. If you are a member of Whittier School’s class of 1969 and would like to submit your memories and photos, please email them to evan@oakpark.com.

It’s now Sunday night and the reunion is over. I’m still internally de-briefing, recalling, in my mind, the incredible event this past weekend became. Seeing classmates, teachers, our principal and Whittier itself was incredible. However, what really sticks in my mind, are all the conversations, photos, and tributes.

We learned where we’ve been, where we are and where we still hope to go. We learned what we hold dear in our current lives and what was important to us then. We learned about the love that our teachers and principal had for us and we had for them, and still have for one another today. We learned much more than words can convey but that tears, smiles, and gut-level laughter can. We learned that reconnecting doesn’t need to end on a beautiful Saturday night in October but can continue for years to come. We learned so much.

But, in the big picture, that’s what experiencing Whittier was all about. It was about phenomenal educational experiences that spanned academics, the arts, and athletics. More importantly, it was about relationships — relationships that have remained deeply imbedded within us, all these years. What an incredible experience for the class of 1969, those relationships, and, I suspect, the lives we’ve touched on our own “Road Less Traveled.”

Nancy Schiffner

Class of 1969, Whittier School

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