EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of Whittier School’s class of 1969 reunion on Saturday, Oct.16, alumni submitted memories and photos to Wednesday Journal. If you are a member of Whittier School’s class of 1969 and would like to submit your memories and photos, please email them to evan@oakpark.com.

It’s Tuesday and I’ll be “home” Friday afternoon.  Although I was just in Oak Park last Sunday at mom and dad’s, this feels different.  I’ll be seeing people I really haven’t been in contact with for 41 years.

Most of us went to Oak Park and River Forest High School, but we left a small pond and moved to an ocean. We made new friends. We lost touch with those we’d spent years with. We moved on.

Now we’re coming together again.  What do I wear?  What will they think of me? Will the girl who wanted to beat me up after school still feel the same?  (She never showed.)  I’ve had a successful career, am respected, am told I have a great sense of humor, have tons of confidence about myself.  Where is it now?

Self, it’s going to be a great weekend.  You are going to renew relationships, see your beloved teachers that so influenced you, reminisce, laugh, and, probably cry.  So what if the clothes you wear don’t meet your mom’s approval?  So what if some don’t find your conversation scintillating?  So what if you make a social faux pas?  Self, you’ll be home; home with those who really and truly made you who you are today.

Nancy Schiffner

Class of 1969, Whittier School

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