I don’t want to flop at my BLOP so I’m counting on YOU to see where the best Halloween decorations are this year.  My usual “go to” spots (100 block of S. Taylor, 200 block of S. Harvey, 1150 block of S. Home) are either dreaming up their displays or are not up for it this year. 

I did find that three of my 2009 “go to” spots were up for the challenge…..they will not disappoint!  The 400 block of N. Lombard and two spots in River Forest that always make me smile.  The 500 block of Park and the 600 block of Clinton. Be sure to visit them at night for the sounds & lights and don’t forget to be respectful.  It takes a lot of time, energy & money putting these displays together. We want to see the them again in 2011.  Enjoy!

16 more days until HALLOWEEN!

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