A week ago Rev. Brian Covell, the minister at Third Unitarian Church, reprimanded me for sloppy journalism. He was right and I was wrong. Especially, since when I mischaracterized him and his congregation, I was trying to make the point of getting the facts right and clearing up misinformation in cyberspace. What was irresponsible on my part was not checking the source for what is true and not true.

It’s not enjoyable to eat humble pie, but it’s healthy when appropriate. He asked the question, “Is this the standard of reporting to which the Wednesday Journal aspires?” In the case of my Sep. 22nd column, the answer is “no.” In the case of this blog entry which acknowledges an error, I think the answer is “yes.”

Click here to read my September 22 column and Rev. Brian Covell’s response.

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Tom Holmes

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