Gwen Crayton and Ann "The Dancer" Dant.

Oak Park resident Ann Dant is turning 90 years old on Oct. 25. Dant, a lovely and kind woman, has been dancing since the mid-1980s while in her early 60s. She’s a former Oak Park Arms prom queen and loves to swing dance. Her current residence, The Oaks on Humphrey and South Boulevard, will host her birthday party. Gwendolyn Crayton, who’s organizing the party, met Dant in August after giving a Mary Kay cosmetics presentation at The Oaks—she also likes to dance herself. All Ms. Dant needs now is a dance partner. She has a few possibilities but is open to suitors.

“I need a good dance partner, someone who knows the steps and is a good leader,” the soon-to-be 90-year-old told Wednesday Journal. “I tell people, ‘Dancer is my middle name.’”

If you’d like to sweep Ms. Dant off her feet for her 90th birthday Monday Oct. 25, call Ms. Crayton at 708-771-4273.

(Photo by Terry Dean)

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