District 97 Supt. Albert Roberts met with parents at Lincoln Elementary School on Thursday, the second of his community chats in each of the 10 buildings.

About 40 people showed up, sitting in the school’s media room/library to listen to the superintendent touch on a few subjects before opening it up to discussion. The parents, though, mostly asked questions about topics ranging from technology to standardized test scores. One parent asked how the district is addressing the achievement gap across the district. The talk lasted about an hour. In a phone interview earlier this afternoon, Roberts said he felt the chats so far have gone well (his first one was Tuesday at Mann School). He has, though, been suprised that the chats have been more of a Q&A than open discussion. He noted that he may tweak the format a little. But Roberts was pleased that people were able to express their thoughts and passions about their school.

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