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Executive Producer – ArtRageous! Oak Park

The 2nd annual ArtRageous! Oak Park presented by Shop Here Oak Park will showcase a multitude of art events in the Oak Park community October 7-11, 2010. The event calendar includes:

  • Hands on art based workshops with the Oak Park Arts District and the Oak Park Art League
  • Mark Twain-inspired art exhibit at the Oak Park Public Library
  • Tour of Oak Park churches with Darrel Babuk and the Oak Park Visitors Bureau
  • Flash Mob Dance with Winifred Haun Dancers
  • Studio Walk with Oak Park artists
  • Vocal Tech Workshop with Oak Park Concert Chorale
  • Bike Tour with the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
  • and much, much more!

What happens when 2 or more artists in different mediums work together? Or when art is mixed with science, math or sports? You get Permutations & Combinations – this year’s theme of ArtRageous! Oak Park!

What is ArtRageous! Oak Park?! It’s an art experience. It’s a celebration of the artists who currently live and work in Oak Park, IL. It’s inspiration around every corner.

This Village-wide celebration will showcase Oak Park as a destination for visitors to experience the arts – a place to see and to create art, to meet authors, to enjoy music, dance, theater and many other forms of artistic expression.

“During this 5-day festival, Oak Park will offer 4.5 square miles of inspiration,” suggests Pamela Penney, owner of Pamela Penney Textile Arts on Harrison Street and one of the organizers of ArtRageous! Oak Park. “We host a huge array of galleries, classes, performances, literary events and more in a very concentrated area. The Permutations and Combinations of art are nothing short of amazing.”

October is National Arts & Humanities Month– ArtRageous! Oak Park is Oak Park’s opportunity to showcase the wealth, breadth and depth of the arts in our community. Families, couples, and groups will all enjoy this arts celebration, and the local hotels will be able to accommodate those that would like to spend more than one day immersing themselves in the arts. Come be ArtRageous with us!

ArtRageous! Oak Park

Click here to visit the ArtRageous! Oak Park page on OakPark.com or visit their Web site at www.artoakpark.com for the complete list of events.

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