Comedian Kathy Griffin, Homer Simpson voice actor Dan Castellaneta and architect Frank Lloyd Wright would highlight any list of famous Oak Parkers. They, along with seven others, are noted in a list citing “10 famous people from Oak Park, Illinois.” This list is actually an item in, a pay-to-blog site Yahoo purchased earlier this spring.

“The village of Oak Park, Illinois, has been the home to some of America’s most successful people,” the item reads. “Sharing a border with the city of Chicago, Oak Park was one of America’s first fully developed suburbs, and historically has been considered one of the most beautiful suburbs in America.”

The entire list, in no particular order, is below. Click here for Yahoo’s full story:

Ernest Hemingway

Bob Newhart

Dan Castellaneta

Ray Kroc

Frank Lloyd Wright

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Betty White

Kathy Griffin (above right)

Thomas Lennon

Judy Tenuta

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