The Park District of Oak Park is considering dumping its multi-tiered pool pass pricing, opting instead to charge the same price for each person.

That proposal would wipe out current rates, which gives discounts to kids 1-5, seniors, families and the disabled.

Instead, each person would simply buy an individual pool pass.

The only two groups who would pay less under the proposal would be people who currently just buy a single individual pass, and households of two.

The proposal won’t make a big difference to the park district’s bottom line, said Superintendent of Business Operations Karin Schindel, but it’ll streamline their operations.

“It’s going to create more equity in the pass types,” Schindel said. “This is pretty much revenue-neutral for the district, but it’ll create more maintenance efficiencies.”

Schindel estimated the bottom line will be an extra $22,000 for the park district’s coffers: roughly $310,000 in revenue with the new model, up from about $288,000 under the old model.

The proposal is one of the park district’s proposals in its 2011 budget. The district held its first budget hearing on Sept. 30. The next budget meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 14 at the Hedges Administration Center, 218 Madison St.

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