Me, snap out of my bad mood? How? Please tell. But before you do, read on:

The Bears offensive line allows 10 sacks in a 17-3 loss to the Giants. Starting quarterback Jay Cutler, who is sacked nine times, suffers a concussion after running for his life in the first half. Backup quarterback Todd Collins is clocked from behind and leaves the game in the third quarter.

Prior to the debacle at New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., last Sunday night, the Bears had been on cloud nine. Daily newspapers published glowing articles on the team after a 3-0 start to the season, some even predicted a probable run at the Super Bowl. I started believing that three former NFL head coaches — offensive coordinator Mike Martz, line coach Mike Tice and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli — could make one Lovie Smith a legitimate head coach. With Martz’s lack of ball movement against the Giants — a paltry 110 total yards — and the fact that Tice’s men were thrown around like rag dolls, I’m beginning to question whether or not the Bears will even get past a lowly Carolina team this Sunday.

How is the Bears playing terrible on Sunday supposed to make me feel the rest of the week?

Bulls recent signee Carlos Boozer leaps over a bag at his home, falls down and breaks his hand. He’ll be out the first two months of the season. THAT-IS-JUST-GREAT. I’m supposed to be frolicking in wheat pastures over this?

What, you want me to do a handstand because the Cubs finally wrapped up another pathetic season? Sure, we got to know and like new shortstop Starlin Castro, but there is no reason to go boasting about Carlos Zambrano’s eight-game win streak post-anger management sessions. Interim manager Mike Quade coached the team to a 24-13 record after taking over for Lou Piniella near the end of August, but the club was out of playoff contention at that point and the pressure was off the players. It’s possible even I could have managed the team to a 24-13 record in that span.

You want more? I’m a Penn State football fan and I had to watch the Nittany Lions fall to Iowa 24-3 on Saturday night. Not that big of a deal? Earlier in the day Illinois played tough against second-ranked Ohio State, and the Fighting Illini roll into State College this weekend. I mention it because I’ll be in Pennsylvania on Saturday at that game with an Illini fan, and I’d really like to leave with a smile on my face.

What else has got me chewing on leather and spittin’ at pigeons? The OPRF football team won’t be making the playoffs this season, I feel the beginnings of another head cold coming on, and I desperately need a haircut.

So what’s the advice? Seek counseling? Take some meds? Buy a Flowbee? Get a puppy?

Don’t have time for counseling, meds are too risky, the Flowbee is so ’80s and I’m allergic to dogs.

I guess I’ll just ride this out.

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Brad Spencer

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