Jeremy Taylor: "Somewhere in Africa"

Banned from South Africa – that’s what happened to troubadour, poet, humorist and all around charismatic singer/songwriter JEREMY TAYLOR back in the 60’s when he contributed songs and music to the musical WAIT A MINUM ridiculing apartheid.  But that hardly stopped him from a 50-year career that has taken him around the world.  Next Sunday, October 10, at 7 PM, Jeremy will be in Oak Park for a rare house concert at the Gary & Kathy Strokosch home.  

I’m sure if we plead, Jeremy will sing his magnificent song from WAIT A MINUM, Piece of Ground.  I actually know it best from hearing it performed by the glorious Miriam Makeba, but can’t wait to hear it by the guy who wrote it.   

For more info on Jeremy, check out his website.  To reserve a seat for this very intimate and special evening, call 386-8772.  Donation to the artist is requested.  Sponsored by Rich and Nancy Ball.

See y’all there!

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