Hello-welcome to my blog! I am so honored that you clicked on me and that Wednesday Journal asked me to be a part of something SO wonderful, SO Oak Park, SO needed in our amazing village! How perfect! But am I worthy? Basically when I started thinking about “What do I have to say about Oak Park ” the ideas were ENDLESS! The entry bio that was written about me (yikes-I’m effervescent? I looked it up….to bubble, hiss, foam….show liveliness or exhilaration) was intimidating… the prior entry compared me to Mr. Rogers (not sure who scratched that/switched it to effervescent) I hope I live up to OP’s standards!

I am referring to my blog as a blop….it happened by accident (typo!) and now I think it’s appropriate since I am new to this! My blop (Big.Little.Oak.Park a.k.a Best(of).Lourdes’.Oak.Park) will focus on observations from someone who lives and works in the village. From the coolest things I love about Oak Park to the most dreaded….I am sure that you will help me navigate through the good, bad & ugly. Oak Park’s bottom line? The way I see it: coOPeration!

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for my BOOP (Best Of Oak Park) and WOOP (Worst Of Oak Parkl) Awards!

p.s. Guess which Oak Park landmarks those letters are shot from!

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Lourdes Nicholls

Chances are that if you don't know Lourdes, you don't really know Oak Park. This Oak Park mom of three can't walk a village block without running into someone she knows. She's about as effervescent as...

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