Most people would run and hide from 105-degree weather and 40 percent humidity. But Nancy Kalinowski wants you to pay her to do yoga exercises in it.

The 29-year-old resident of Chicago’s Irving Park neighborhood is opening a hot yoga studio this November in Oak Park, perched at 105 N. Oak Park Ave, just south of Erik’s Deli. Named “105 Yoga,” the studio uses high temperature and humidity, which Kalinowski says helps participants to detoxify through sweating, and stretch easier because they’re nice and warm.

The business will be open seven days a week, starting in early November. Commercial real estate firm David King & Associates, which represented the building owner in the lease transaction, announced 105 Yoga’s opening in a press release on Monday.

Kalinowski is a Skokie native, who says she eventually hopes to move to Oak Park. She’s been teaching Bikram yoga for five years on the side, and earlier this year left her corporate job to pursue what she says is her passion.

“This has just been a dream for me for a very long time,” she said.

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