Could you please explain why there has been no print or Web coverage of the National Blue Ribbon Award awarded to St. Giles School the week of Sept. 6? I looked for it in the Sept. 15 edition, but there was nothing, nor was there anything on your website. There was no coverage again in the Sept. 22 newspaper or still on the website. The Oak Leaves covered it in its Sept. 16 newspaper and had it posted on its website. When I looked online again, Wednesday Journal still had nothing. Needless to say, when I informed friends and family of the award, it was the copy from, and the link to, the Oak Leaves newspaper.

If this is your idea of community coverage, then I think my recent renewal of your newspaper might have been a waste of money.

Sharon Zinkula
Oak Park

Editor’s note: While Wednesday Journal does try to stay diligent in covering every facet of Oak Park and River Forest, we do occasionally miss some things. See our news section for a short item about St. Giles’ award, and always feel free to call or e-mail us with story suggestions.

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