Rubber bands! Is there no end to them? They are everywhere — on the sidewalks, on the porch, in the street … and how did they get there?

Well, since they are all the same size used by the post office, and we often get our bundle of mail with a rubber band holding it, one can assume that they are dropped by mail carriers. Perhaps they are so cheap that the post office does not regard them as an expense, but considering that the U.S. Postal Service is always losing money, one might think that they would at least reuse them. So I pick them up wherever I see them and reuse them, but my supply is becoming overwhelming.

It’s difficult to use so many rubber bands. Does anyone out there have any creative ideas for recycling them? Or better yet, how can we get the U.S. Postal Service to educate its employees on the use and abuse of rubber bands?

Bobbie Raymond
Oak Park

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