I would like to thank Police Chief Weiss and Officer Fields of the River Forest Police Department, and Mike Gibbs of the River Forest Board of Trustees, for their prompt responses to my letter concerning St. Luke’s solution to the crossing guard removal that was featured in last week’s viewpoints section [St. Luke crosses its kids, maybe crosses village hall, too, Viewpoints, Sept. 15]. Not only did the Village of River Forest send over additional gear to assist St. Luke teachers in their effort to maintain safety at the corner of Ashland and Lake amid this crossing guard shortage, Chief Weiss also offered to teach a crossing guard training course to further support our faculty’s work to fix this hazardous situation.

I remain hopeful that the village will find a way to prioritize the budget appropriately in order to protect all of River Forest’s school children, particularly given that the bulk of St. Luke families pay high village taxes in exchange for basic public services such as safety. The full financial picture of River Forest includes St. Luke families that pay private school tuition in addition to pulling their weight tax-wise in the village, and this saves District 90 exactly $1,682,064, not to mention the burdensome cost it would add to hire more teachers and expand the current facilities to accommodate a large influx of additional students.

While this is an ongoing problem , with an inadequate solution I am comforted that our drivers and children are safer than they would be were this to remain a bare corner. I am encouraged by the River Forest Police Department’s response as it opened lines of communication and restored a spirit of cooperation.

In addition to expressing my gratitude to the police department and village trustees, I would also like to thank Wednesday Journal for this excellent forum in which to air different perspectives on issues that impact the common good of our communities.

Barbara Rasinski
River Forest

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