River Forest Public Schools aced their standardized tests this year, handily beating requirements for reading and math at every grade level in every school.

The requirements, set under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, say that public schools need to meet an ever-climbing average score on standardized tests.

This year’s target was for 77.5 percent of the district’s students to meet or exceed standards on the ISAT tests.

Grades 3 through 8 in River Forest public schools were tested, and the lowest score in any section was 89 percent.

Third graders’ results were particularly impressive, as 100 percent of Willard and Lincoln Elementary students met or exceeded standards in math. 100 percent of Willard third graders also met or exceeded standards for reading, and 100 percent of Lincoln fourth graders met or exceeded standards for math.

“I’m pleased that our scores consistently seem to be high,” said River Forest Public Schools Superintendent Thomas Hagerman.

The scores haven’t improved much recently, he said, but that’s because of the general rate of success, Hagerman said.

“I have to say, our scores are relatively flat, but we’re flat because we’re so high,” he said.

That’s not to say the schools are perfect. Certainly, there are students who need a bit more help in the district.

“We’re aware of those who aren’t meeting standards, and we’re providing really specific interventions for them,” Hagerman said. “Those who tend not to meet are mostly transitory students, students who we haven’t had much time to work with.”

-Ben Meyerson

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