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I’m going on 10 years writing this column – three months until that day hits to be exact – which is hard to figure since, apparently, I’m an idiot. That’s too harsh; I am a nincompoop.

Jim Nudera Jr., or Jimmy, the quarterback for York’s football team, is a senior. It’s right there on the roster given to me when I walked through the gates of Oak Park Stadium on the evening of Sept. 17.

You see, I wrote a languid column last week about the Nuderas and the Hassos (A functional football family, Sept. 22), two families who had a reunion of sorts that night when OPRF head football coach Jim Nudera and his brother-in-law Tim Hasso, the defensive coordinator of the Huskies, took on Jimmy Nudera. Ron Hasso, grandfather to Jimmy, father-in-law of Jim, father of Tim, grandfather of … oh, forget it – He and I spoke before the game on the sidelines, and he had some wonderful things to say about this once-in-a-lifetime family event.

But I concluded my column last week on a warm and fuzzy note: With Jimmy a junior and Brailey (Jimmy’s sister and a cheerleader at York) a sophomore, Ron is probably counting down the days until Sept. 16, 2011, when OPRF travels to York for a showdown … and a family reunion.

Well, Ron probably isn’t counting down those days because Jimmy won’t be over center next year. Hopefully, the lefty who showed tremendous poise in the pocket and has now led York to a 4-0 record to begin the season, will be continuing his football playing in college, Ron will be watching his son and son-in-law coach OPRF to victory while his granddaughter cheers on the Dukes, and I will be returning from the psychiatric ward.

I have made worse errors over the 10 years: “Surpise” instead of “Surprise” in a headline or “Peddling” instead of “Pedaling” (that poor doctor riding his bike all the way up to Wisconsin never asked anyone for money, Brad!). Oh, and my favorite: (Raven) Timms tosses way to state in shot put and discuss. Wait, Fenwick once beat Mulhern instead of De La Salle – Mulhern was the last name of Fenwick’s field-goal kicker. I don’t know how I missed that one.

Anyway, this column is dedicated to the Nuderas and the Hassos, but more specifically to Ron, who, no doubt, scratched his head in bewilderment after reading that next year will be the last great big family football reunion for the two families, when in fact, it already happened.

Sorry, Ron, you’re just going to have to live with the memory of OPRF beating York 36-14 on Sept. 17, 2010.

What, that didn’t happen?


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Brad Spencer

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