Despite some recent media reports, Oak Park is no longer looking at forcing taxi drivers to wear socks with their sandals or banning cut-off jean shorts.

The village is planning to better regulate taxis from the two companies that serve Oak Park – Blue Cab and Red Cab. And last week, the village board was presented a draft ordinance with some suggestions. Those included forbidding cabbies from talking on their cellphones, requiring that cabs accept credit cards, and prohibiting smoking in a taxi.

Trustees were just taking their first look at the proposed rules, and most passed muster. But they were cool on the idea of instituting a dress code for cabbies. Under the proposed ordinance, drivers would have been prohibited from wearing the following as “outer garments”: underwear, tank tops, swimwear, jogging suits, body shirts, cut-offs, trunks or similar attire, and sandals without socks. Cabbies could wear Bermuda or post office-style shorts, but only between May 1 and Sept. 30.

The old rules simply stated that cabbies must “be clean in dress and person.”

“I think it’s getting into perhaps a level of detail that isn’t appropriate for us to be managing,” Trustee Colette Lueck said at the meeting last week.

After the negative feedback, Village Clerk Teresa Powell said the village was pulling out the dress code proposal. She said officials had put it in, just to gauge the reaction from trustees. Most cab companies likely police what their employees wear anyway, she said.

“I think there was a general consensus that the dress code issue might be overkill, and we don’t need to put that in,” Powell said in an interview after the meeting.

Trustees are scheduled to take up the ordinance again for possible adoption on Oct. 4.

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