It’s about time they talk to each other. Our elected officials have a fiscal responsibility to the community, and they have failed us in racking up legal fees on this issue. The village needs to pay the schools what they owe and let’s move on.

Karen Herman DeMuro

As a longtime taxpayer, I am angry to say the least that the governing entities in the Village of Oak Park are needlessly wasting our money. It takes a village to raise a child, but it shouldn’t take a village to screw the taxpayers.

Bernadette McHale

Play nice and stop wasting taxpayers’ money.

Margaret Andler

It’s about time that District 200 has a little common sense and realized that sitting down and talking with the village and District 97 was better for ALL taxpayers than trying to push everybody into court and force all parties to spend OUR tax dollars on lawyers. The fact that 200 rushed to court in the first place is unforgivable, so let’s hope that they have relaxed enough now to get this matter settled.

Deborah Kirkwood

This story goes back a long ways. No one paid any attention to it, however, until our village manager spoke on behalf of our elected officials and started tossing around ridiculous, inflammatory accusations that distorted the truth. The fact of the matter is that D200 has been trying for a long time to get the village to sit down and talk about the money that is owed. The village stalled forever, and then when the threat of a lawsuit began to loom, they came back with a low-ball offer. Millions and millions of dollars are owed (and will be owed over the life of the TIF) – not just to D200, but also to D97 (which is seeking a referendum because it is doesn’t have enough cash) as well as the park district. The village needs to get it together and fulfill its contractual obligation, plain and simple. The village has spent more money than anyone else on lawyers, because the village wants to get out of paying what is owed.

OP Taxpayer

The title of this article should be rewritten. Saying that they are engaged in a process and that they want to get through the process “among ourselves” without divulging any detail is hardly “breaking the silence.” Part of the problem with TIFs is the lack of transparency in the TIF process. As well-intentioned as it is, this wrangling behind closed doors does nothing but continue to keep the public in the dark about the seemingly shady deals being made with tax dollars.

Chris Payne

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