I am writing this letter to support the development of a community center near the World Trade Center site, which will include a Muslim prayer room among its facilities.

Today (Aug. 31), the 4 a.m. CBS Morning News aired an interview with the developer of the proposed center. His mother was a Roman Catholic, and his father was an Egyptian Muslim. He is Muslim; his wife is Christian; he is a member of the nearby Jewish community center that serves lower Manhattan. He emphasized that, with the exception of the Muslim prayer room to serve Muslims of the surrounding community, the center’s facilities are all designed to serve persons of all faiths, or of “no faith.”

The organization Common Cause is circulating a statement of support for the proposed project. As an individual, I have signed their statement, identifying myself as a member of Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation. I encourage other Oak Parkers who support interfaith understanding and cooperation also to sign. To sign the statement, address CauseNet@commoncause.org.

Joyce Marco
Oak Park
Delegate to OPRF Community of Congregations

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