We, the undersigned women and men of Ascension Parish, would like to express our support of Father Larry McNally. In his letter to the Sun-Times, and to his parish, he apologized for the church’s insensitivity to women. The Vatican hierarchy has recently called the ordination of women and pedophilia both grave sins. They are also investigating women’s religious orders. Father Larry’s compassion for his flock is well known, but now we know of his courage. We are blessed to be part of this parish. Many will leave the church over these issues, but we are staying. This is the church we love, and we won’t be forced out.

Thank you, Father Larry,

Betty and Roger Vandervest, Lendell and Tina Richardson, Joseph and Kathi Walsh, Claudia Hallissey, Linda Dunne, Rich and Patty Spangler, Cherie LeFevre, James Wojcik, Diane and Bob Moriarty, Roger and Charlotte Sugg, John and Mary Lou Dwyer, Carol and Dan Doody, Joe McDonald, Charlaine McAnany, Douglas and Barbara Wyman, Marie Wackrow, Dottie Hetzel, Jay Campelli, Dan and Celine Woznica, Maryann Dimperio, Jim and Marla Schwarber, Bill and Karen Komala, Helen Shidler, Barbara Blake RSM, Barbara Rush, Kaye Murphy, Susie Cahill, Kelly Hendrickson, Micheal Prendergast, Roger and Sue Hendrickson, and Carol Durava

Parishioners, Ascension Catholic Church

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