Congratulations to Mr. Melton and the Oak Park Community Relations Department for the recently noted reduction in graffiti taggings [Graffiti on the downswing in Oak Park, News, Aug. 17]. The extra effort taken to remove graffiti quickly has been shown to reduce the number of taggings in an area, as well as reduce the incidence of gangs gathering in areas where the taggings are present. This has been exemplified by Mayor Daley’s Graffiti Blaster program, initiated in 1993.

Sadly, my response from the village did not reflect what was reported in the article. When I called to report that my freshly laid sidewalk had been tagged, I was told, “These things happen,” and, “That is the way the world is today,” and, “I doubt it is a tagging; we don’t have problems with tagging in our area anymore.” This type of apathy is exactly what taggers are looking for. I encourage the village and Mr. Brinkman to continue to be vigilant. Success does not warrant lassitude.

Eileen D’Ambrogio
Oak Park

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