The grandkids love acorn hunting, as did their parents (the kids) and, I guess me before them. It is a welcome break from their video games and TV, so I always encourage, and accompany them. There are still some oak trees left in Oak Park, so we have our favorite hunting spots.

It is getting near Labor Day, though, and finding acorns with the “hats” attached is becoming rare. Sometimes you think you have one and the hat only falls off when you pick it up. Keep it, though. A spot of glue will remedy the falling-hat problem.

You can be walking down a car-less side street in midmorning during this season and gaze upon flower-bordered, tree-shaded porches with their old-fashioned wicker furniture, and swear you were transported back into the 1890s. You walk for a half block in your time warp, when a window air conditioner snaps you back to reality, a beautiful reality though.

The trees, flowers, porches, homes, sidewalks and, yes, even the acorns make this a beautiful place to live.

Brent Borgerson
Oak Park

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