I made phone calls this morning. One to the village where I was told I could get my property excepted from the spray since we have someone with asthma staying with us. They said we had to have a written letter from a doctor, but there is not enough time and it involves expense since the person is from out of town. I was told that if we called the Health Department that we could get a one-time exception. Later, there was a message on my answering machine from “Margaret” that I needed to call the Mosquito Abatement District (appropriately called MAD in this case). But it did not sound as if I could get permission not to have my property left off the spraying list without the doctor’s letter.

I am not happy about having this insecticide on my property putting additional stress on the health of our guest with asthma.


I feel for the people who have breathing issues, but I’m sick of being a prisoner in my own home. Let’s reclaim the summer evenings. Bring on the spray!


I do hope there is an immediate reduction in the number of mosquitoes. I have not been able to be in my yard at all for the past five days due to the volume of biting mosquitoes. I don’t like the spray either, but if it is a choice between being forced to stay indoors or being outside, bring on the spray. My window was wide open during the spraying, and the pesticide appeared to disappear within a minute or two. I do sympathize with those having breathing issues, though.


We must have slept through the spraying; at least I assumed they sprayed, as the effects are there. I didn’t see a “skeeter” yet. I am not a pesticide fan but those swarms of mosquitoes were bothersome. I remember as kids, riding our bikes following the DDT trucks. We pretended to be in the clouds. Then on the way home from school, we’d stop at the shoe store to fluoroscope our feet every day. Our parents smoked in every room of the house. It just made us (those who survived) tougher.

By the way, we just took the granddaughter to the Wednesday morning kid’s special at the Lake Theatre. They really do a good job on this, as with all their functions. I’ve said it before and will say it again, that it really is nice to have Classic Cinemas in the community.

Brent Borgerson

I have an ORGANIC vegetable patch at the back of the house. I am not interested in mosquito spraying. The whole West Nile virus scare is overblown. Pesticides, on the other hand, are a real threat. The village gave no time for response or exemption. This is unacceptable.

Francis Figg

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