This note is in response to the recent letter I received about the signage at the corner of Augusta and Woodbine.

I live on the 600 block of Woodbine and walk my children to school at Mann Elementary School (the corner of Division and Kenilworth). I was appalled to read that the village is considering removing the current four-way stop sign at the corner of Woodbine and Augusta.

This is an exceptionally busy intersection, is located between two schools, is at the end of a double block (the 500 and 600 blocks of Woodbine) where people already speed because they have two blocks to drive down, and is located off of Chicago Avenue where the people are driving like lunatics trying to get away from the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio traffic.

We frequently have a police officer watching the stop sign because people speed through the area on their way to work in the morning. I can’t imagine what the intersection would be like if there were only a two-way stop.

I hope that, if the village actually removes the stop signs, that adequate traffic studies are completed by qualified professionals.

I also would like the village to know that they will be held accountable when more accidents occur. Our children’s lives are more valuable than the removal of a stop sign.

I would encourage the Transportation Commission to come and sit on our corner for a full week every morning and evening and watch the flow of traffic. Then they can make their recommendation about the signage.

Jen Cafferty
Oak Park

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