In response to the District 200 Board Of Education’s “Editorial poor substitute for reporting” letter [Viewpoints, July 28], there are a couple of issues the board should look at as well.

Though there may have been a reallocation of some support staff and administrative positions, there have been five new administrative positions added to District 200 within the last three years. These are all new positions and were added and approved by the board of education. They are as follows: Nate Rouse, principal; Janel Bishop, assistant principal for health and safety; Jeremiah Wiencek, assistant principal for student services; Cindy Milojevic, assistant principal for student activities; and Mike Carioscio, chief information officer.

As I am sure that some measures have been made to contain costs at District 200, these administrative positions and their associated salaries may not be a step in the right direction. Sounds like the board is trying to have their cake and eat it too!

Name withheld upon request

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