The region-wide construction strike delayed construction in Oak Park’s parks, as well, as one of the park district’s two main construction projects was been stalled.

The $663,000 renovation of Maple Park, which had been set to begin the week of July 12, didn’t get started in the wake of the strike by the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150.

However, a preliminary agreement between the union and a regional bargaining group for contractors was reached Monday night. The union was expected to vote on the agreement Wednesday evening.

Neil Adams, project manager at the park district, said Maple’s construction would likely begin in earnest about two weeks after the strike had formally ended.

The park district’s contractor on the project, Copenhaver Construction, is using union labor on the project, which involves large amounts of heavy machine labor to remove and reconstruct the park’s tennis courts, among other work.

The park district’s other main park renovation project this summer, at Euclid Square, is using Fuerte Systems, were not affected by the strike. That construction has begun.

-Ben Meyerson

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