The River Forest village board began to focus its search for a new village administrator in closed session Monday night, with the goal of whittling its list of candidates for the village’s top full-time job down to six.

Village President John Rigas said search firm Voorhees Associates received between 75 and 80 resumes from applicants, which Voorhees then narrowed down to 20 to 25 for the board to review.

Before Monday night’s review of the resumes during a closed session, Rigas said the board hoped to pick six candidates from the pool, interview them, and then make a decision in the next three to four weeks.

Current Village Administrator Steve Gutierrez has been operating on a temporary employment contract since May, and recently had his contract extended until August 30.

The board is hoping to vote on his replacement at a board meeting in August.

-Ben Meyerson

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