I just read an article in the Chicago Tribune about cyclists who were outraged because of the token sentence handed down to two drivers who deliberately hit two bike riders. I don’t condone intentional harming of anyone, but we are going to have to come to some agreement about bikes. I ride my bike almost every day; I walk daily and I drive often. No matter how I am traveling, I am critical of cyclists.

When I’m on my bike, I am annoyed when fellow cyclists ride against traffic and ride towards me and the traffic coming up on my left. To make matters worse, sometimes they pass on my right, sometimes on my left.

As a pedestrian, I am annoyed when I have to move over on the sidewalk for grownups on bikes. They fly down the sidewalk, have no warning bell, and expect me to jump out of their way. Perhaps these riders don’t realize the danger they pose for elderly pedestrians. Balance gets more precarious as people age, and older people are more likely to suffer fractures from a fall. I thought sidewalks were for pedestrians and very young riders, but you wouldn’t know it from my neighborhood.

When I am driving, I am annoyed at cyclists who apparently don’t know traffic rules and put me at risk of hitting them. They run red lights, ride three and four riders across, and at night, don’t wear reflective clothing or use lights.

It’s time bike rules were enforced since apparently many cyclists are unaware that, in Illinois, there are rules. This lack of consistency puts all travelers, whatever mode of transportation they are using, at risk of injury or causing injury.

Helen Kossler
Oak Park

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