Dr. Constance Collins has contributed much to Oak Park during her five-year tenure. Her accomplishment that I’m most proud of was her leadership in developing and implementing our full-day kindergarten program. Connie took this challenge on aggressively, and worked tirelessly with staff, teachers and parents to evaluate opportunities and assemble the program, which now operates in all eight of our elementary schools. Every child in Oak Park now has the opportunity to begin his or her academic experience with a fuller, more meaningful start in kindergarten.

Dr. Collins was also quite successful in her efforts to expand the District 97 teacher-hiring pool. As a result of her leadership, the district has been able to consider a broader range of qualified minority candidates, allowing us to better reflect the diversity of our students and our community in the classroom.

It’s been a pleasure to have Dr. Collins as a part of our community, and we wish her all the best in her new position.

Peter Barber
Oak Park
Vice president, D97 board

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