First reported 6/24/2010 4:14 p.m.

The District 97 elementary school district has refused to participate in the lawsuit over TIF payments, despite an offer by Oak Park and River Forest High School to join its court case against the Village of Oak Park.

In a statement released June 23 by Dist. 97, the elementary school district also noted that it may be named as a defendant in the case, according to the village’s legal counsel. The high school’s and village’s court battle stems from $3.3 million OPRF says it is owed by the village. Dist. 97 has attempted thus far to avoid the legal wrangling in favor of settling the matter out of court.

“We prefer not be a party to this suit for either side, and hope District 200 and the village will be able to work together to settle their differences outside the confines of a courtroom so that we can all refocus our efforts and energy on what is most important: serving the Oak Park community,” says the district board in its statement.

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